About Us

Website visitors don't like digging around to find relevant and related content. Tailored experiences from Netflix to Google Now to Facebook Newsfeed have led people to expect a more dynamic and individualized experience, and they repay these companies with their  loyalty.

Unfortunately, personalization can be an intimidating process to get through - so much so that many organizations have no idea where to start in order to do it right. In the healthcare context things only get more complicated with the added compliance and regulatory obstacles.

Kurbi is a simple solution that lowers the barriers to personalization. Our goal is to make the process easier and more approachable for any organization wanting to provide a superior user experience to their audience.

Most companies are already producing keyword rich content targeted at specific customer segments. Our chatbot simply crawls and index’s an organizations exiting web content, then delivers it to the visitor via an on-screen messaging interface. As the visitor interacts with the chatbot it learns about their interests and selects the best content and calls-to-action to recommend.

How Does Kurbi Work?

Kurbi helps people discover segments of related content through a rich conversation experience from whatever screen they're on. We bring amazing, personalized content experiences to the user based on their interaction with the chatbot, unlike other popular personalization tools that rely on complex audience targeting rules, lots of new content and months of refinement to get recommendations right.

With Kurbi, organziations can be up and running within hours rather than months. Once we know which webpage you'd like to add Kurbi to, we:
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Conversations with website visitors are initiated with Triggers.

Triggers are targeted messages used to grab a users attention based on the search terms they used to reach a webpage or their on-screen behaviors (time-on-page, scroll patterns, exit intent, etc.).

Triggers connect users to Chatbots.

Chatbots run on scripts, which are pre-made paths to various types of information or content the visitor will be most likely to find helpful. We capture and learn from every user interaction to make scripts more effective overtime.

Scripts are made up of small sections of your existing content to keep conversations safe and consistent with your brand.

The typical health organization has multiple web properties and 1000’s of pages of content related to the subjects visitors are interested in learning about.

Kurbi makes it easy to provide instant access to the best, most relevant sections of that content without the user needing to find it themselves.

Our conversational approach makes content discovery focused and stress-free.
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Kurbi is a dual chat system, allowing representatives to step into a chat at any point.

The chatbot will automatically shift to a support role, suggesting content references to aid the agent as they engage in live conversation with the website visitor.