Know exactly what your website visitors want, when you gain their trust, and why they convert .

Kurbi helps private practices convert more visitors into leads by recommending the right content at the right time.
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Put Your Best Content Forward

With so many channels to reach consumers, getting them to your best content at the right time can be very difficult. Kurbi gives you a single place to promote and track your best content from any channel you're currently publishing.

About Us

We're a scrappy team of internet addicts trying to change the healthcare conversation, literally.

We’re building automation tools to help people like you, local health & wellness professionals shine like the experts you are.  

Our mission is to make it easier than simple for you to connect with local consumers that need you.

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We Automate Engagement
Never let a person leave your website without a personal greeting. We know you're busy, so we'll do it for you. Kurbi automates chat with bots that run on scripts you create with your own words.

We Automate Website Navigation
Websites can be big, hard to navigate places to find the information you need. Kurbi is a streamlined, contextual way to make sure people find what they need without searching for it.

We Automate Referrals
Kurbi automatically points your website visitors and patients to the people and resources you believe in based on the scripts you create. We make connections fast, simple, and hassle-free.