We're building the future of content recommendation

Kurbi is a chatbot that helps marketers target, engage and personalize the reading experience of their website users without code or IT.
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Engage people when it matters most with the power of personalized content recommendations.

Kurbi keeps more people engaged with your content by proactively recommending segments of your existing content related to their interests.
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A Lasting First Impression

From the very first impression, Kurbi tailors itself to meet your visitors needs by choosing the best content for the situation based on the visitors search terms or previous destination.

The Engagement Machine

Kurbi offers visitors a rich conversation experience that combines related content, calls-to-action, and important information like events and locations into a single interaction.

A Constant Friend

Kurbi is an anonymous service, but uses every interaction to learn when to recommend the content and calls-to-action people need move through your marketing funnel.

About Us

We're a scrappy team of internet addicts building autonomous chatbots to bridge the gap between healthcare and health information.

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