We’re building chatbots to bridge the gap between healthcare and health information

Kurbi is the easy, automated way to deliver personalized content to people throughout their patient journey.
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We believe the places people receive healthcare should be the easiest places to find health information.

A Lasting First Impression

From the very first impression, Kurbi is tailored to meet your visitors needs. It chooses the best chatbot experience for the visitor based on the their search terms or previous destination.

The Engagement  Machine

With Kurbi, no visitor will leave your website without  a personal greeting you believe will represent your brand well and communicate your value to the visitor.

A Constant Friend

Kurbi was built to support the patient journey from research to retention. We track and log every interaction, then use it to personalize the visitors experience over time.

About Us

We're a scrappy team of internet addicts building autonomous chatbots to bridge the gap between healthcare and health information.

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